• Psychiatry


             All types of neuropsychiatric problems, sexual disorders & deaddiction facilities by outpatient & Inpatient basis through medications as well as psychotherapy (counseling):

    •  Addiction disorders              -Smack, Afeem, Heroin. Bhang, Ganga, Alcohal, Cigarette.
    • Others like:                                -Sadness, decreased interest, fatigability .
    •                                                          -Repetitive doubts, repetitive washing

                                                               -Ghabrahat, baicheni

                                                               -Headache, Body pains

                                                              -Seizure, Hysteria

                                                              -Suspiciousness, fearfulness, mutturing & talking to self.

    •  Sexual disorders                   -Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, Dhat syndrome